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Product Description

  • THE ULTIMATE, MOST STRIKING BEER MUG: Do you want to stand out? Would you like to impress your family, friends and guests? This amazing wooden beer mug is exactly what you need. Featuring a nice brown color and an attention grabbing barrel design, this handmade, rustic beer mug will have everyone staring in awe.
  • ENJOY YOUR HOT OR COLD DRINKD TO THE FULLEST: The nicely crafted wooden housing includes a high quality stainless steel cup. This special construction facilitates excellent temperature maintenance. Whether you prefer warm, relaxing drinks or cold, cooling beverages, this drinking mug is the perfect choice for you.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN THAT ASSURES EFFORTLESS HANDLING: This 20oz oak wood beer mug features a nice handle that will provide you with a firm, steady and comfortable grip. This means that you can lay back and effortlessly enjoy your beer, preventing spilling accidents.
  • IDEAL FOR COUNTLESS USES: This must have wooden beer mug can be used for many different purposes. Use it to enjoy your cold, refreshing beer, sip on your coffee, make the most of your richly flavored tea and cherish your favorite beverages and soft drinks in style! In addition, the attention grabbing, rustic barrel design allows you to use this beer mug as a decorative element in any room.
  • MAKE THE PERFECT GIFT ON ANY OCCASION: Apart from making this incredible wooden beer mug yours, you can also offer it as a gift to someone you love! The high quality, the unmatched versatility and the unique design make this eco-friendly mug the perfect birthday, name day or wedding gift for beer lovers, football fans and people who appreciate handmade items.

Have You Been Looking For The Ultimate Beer Mug? Would You Like To Add A Luxury, Rustic Touch To Your Table? This Amazing Wooden Barrel Mug Is Exactly What You Need To Make The Most Of Your Hot & Cold Drinks!

Don’t you love sipping on your cold, refreshing beer during hot summer days? We bet you do!

Isn’t it frustrating when your cooling drink gets lukewarm before you get to enjoy it to the fullest?

Wooden souvenirs presents you with the best beer mug ever! The top quality construction and the unique wooden barrel design will provide you with an amazing, versatile, striking mug. Nothing less than you deserve!

Catch Everyone’s Attention

This must have beer mug is bound to make you the center of attention!

The carefully handmade oak wood housing and the unique, rustic barrel design provide an aesthetically pleasing result.

Lay Back And Enjoy Any Hot Or Cold Drink

Stop wasting your money on cheaply made beer mugs that fail to preserve your drinks warm or cool.

This amazing, eco-friendly wooden mug features an interior stainless steel cup that can provide optimum insulation.

Now, you can enjoy any hot or cold drink! The oz capacity of this awesome mug makes it ideal for beer, coffee, tea, soft drinks, beverages and more! You name it!

Make The Perfect Gift

This incredible wooden drinking mug makes the perfect present for men, women and kids alike. No matter if it is a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding or a name day celebration, this is best gift!

Special Care Instructions

Note that this wooden beer mug is not dishwasher safe. Use a soft cloth and warm water to gently clean it.

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Customer reviews(207)

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W. G. McLaughlin
February 13, 2018
I was skeptical ordering these, wasn't sure if they'd be "worth" or ... up to my standards. They're beautiful and absolutely worth every penny. I liked them so much (as gifts for Christmas) that I'm going to buy one for myself. Absolutely recommended.
Very Mary
August 2, 2018
Nice quality... Great value! I put these on top of a small battery operated candlestick, looks so cute!
Kristen Brickner
August 14, 2017
These fit all my pots and pans but when I put them into the dishwasher, they get a white film all over them. I have to wash them by hand, as the reason for the 4-star review. Otherwise they are being put to good use.
October 24, 2018
I love the floral design. Many pie birds are just plain, but this one is a pretty addition to my collection.
James Schneider
April 16, 2015
I've had a couple of these in the past and enjoyed them. I fly it from a pole and have never tried using it as a kite. It makes a fun addition to my backyard. A bit pricey but it's a quality product that is actually very durable. I would recommend taking it down during very high winds and make sure you have enough clearance from tree branches. Well packaged with minimal assembly needed.
December 25, 2017
Great price for so many throwing sponges. I use them for pottery throwing as well as watercolor painting, and buying in bulk saved a lot of money.
June 15, 2018
Bought a bunch for my friends, they look great and everyone loved them. Only complaint is there were small black specs in the metal cup interior that were a bit annoying to scrub out.
Kathy L. Richards
June 12, 2018
Softest muslin blankets out there. Have ordered this one twice!