Bertte Ultra Velvet Plush Super Soft Decorative Stripe Throw Twin Size Bed Blanket- 60x 80, Navy TH-Solid001-NAVY-60*80

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:60x 80- 15lbs



Product Description

  • 100% High Quality Breathable Polyester Microfiber. Incredible Soft Silky Luxurious Touch. Fluffy as Cloud and Suitable for All Seasons
  • Twin size: 60 by 80-inch
  • This super soft throw blanket does not shed, fade, shrinkage or pilling
  • Perfect for snugging and ideal to wrap you in that make you feel cozy and warm
  • Drape in over a sofa, couch, chair or across the end of beds to add extra texture to your living room or bed room
  • Extremely rich and Elegant high sheen look with stripe pattern make it easy coordinate with your home decor and turns your home into an exotic Stylish and Sleek place
  • Machine wash separately on gentle cycle with cold water, tumble dry at very low temperature, stay the same after wash

Size:Twin(60"x 80")  |  Color:Navy

Enjoy absolute comfort any time of the year with this all-season faux fur throw blanket. Constructed of 100-percent high quality breathable polyester microfiber make this fleece throw luxuriously soft and incredibly warm. Cuddle up by the fire or in bed with our amazingly warm throw. It is also perfect for overnight guests in the chilly night. Keep one in your master bedroom, toss them over your sofa, couch or chair to add an elegant look to your home.

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January 15, 2017
Do you ever see those obnoxiously large, fluffy and soft teddy bears in walmart, those where you can't resist stuffing your hand into it when passing by just to feel the softness? Well this company went out and hunted all those giant soft cuddly teddy bears down one by one and made these blankets out of their fur.

It's as light and soft as you can imagine, and somehow feels breathable and abnormally warm at the same time. I'm going to have to buy several more and make myself a whole new set of clothes.

The shipping was slightly delayed, but I just used one of the other 7 various blankets I have around the house in the meantime while I waited, so NBD
November 28, 2017
I never write reviews! To stop my day to write a review is not me but I think every one who cares about lint will appreciate me writing this! Before my purchase I didn't find anyone complaining about it but after the very first washing I noticed balls around the edges and now after the 2nd wash with tide on cold water it's all over my outfit! All I did was fold it! It's going in the trash because it's even in my nose as I'm writing this. My granddaughters wear black leggings and I would be so embarrassed when it's all over them.
April 9, 2017
This is a very soft blanket! It is also long enough to cover up with comfortably. After searching through many different blankets I finally decided on this one. It doesn't leave
March 30, 2017
I'd give this 5 stars if I didn't have to spend an hour pulling off lint balls after I washed it. (And yes I washed it alone) But it is VERY soft and cozy so if you have time to spare, get it and prepare for a good lint brushing!!
Sterling West
September 1, 2016
It's really hard to find all white , super soft blankets for less than 12$,
I have a family who loves to pull out these soft blankets while relaxing, and since they tend to gather around my house, I want them to look good!
I've been trying to get all white ones for a few years now, picking them up at ROSS stores or places like that, when I can find ones I like, It's been so hard to find all white ones (I'm not a colorful pattern person) and I've been spending around 10-15$ at places like that, After Checking Amazon and finding these I decided to get 2, and we LOVE them!

They are incredibly soft and lux for the low price , WAY better than I was expecting.
These throws are the ones everyone is reaching for first and the lined texture is reminiscent of the
Hollywood regency style that is super on trend right now, so I love looking at them.

I have washed them on cold with Bleach and soap , then dried these on regular temps,
and they came out just as soft and perfect as when I first touched them.

I'm looking forward to getting another two!
My photo was taken AFTER washing & drying as I was folding clothes on my kitchen table, and was taken months after my purchase.
As you can see, they are still fluffy & great after many washes!
August 4, 2016
Super soft and comfortable. This throw blanket is much soft than I expected. It is lightweight but warm that I can curl up in this throw at night. The color is similar as pictured. I would say it's probably the most comfortable throw I've ever had! Only 9.99$, love it!
November 27, 2016
LOVE IT! The blanket is super soft and warm. I washed it as directed (cold water, separate on gentle cycle + low heat dry) and it did not lint up like other blankets I have used. I mostly use this blanket for when I'm sitting at my desk doing homework/studying. It's great to keep your legs warm or wrap yourself up like a burrito and keep your upper body warm. Definitely would recommend!
Andrew Wright
December 27, 2016
Very soft and lux - beyond my expectation. Comfy and warm, too. It was a great addition during Christmas time for the family. Very pleased.