Wiha 40010 Magnetizer or Demagnetizer

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Color:Full pack with 2 C8 industrial permanent magnets


Product Description

  • Shatter proof box is made from high quality plastic
  • Uses 2 C8 industrial permanent magnets
  • No batteries or electrical required
  • Instantly magnetize or demagnetize steel tools and small parts
  • Pocket sized 2 by 2 by 1

Product Description

40010 magnetize or demagnetize steel screwdriver blades, tweezers and similar tools. Box high quality plastic, shock resistant, green and cadmium free. Magnetize screw drivers, tweezers, tool bits and other steel objects as needed. When your work is finished, use the de to remove the magnetic field. Also useful for demagnetizing tools before use on magnetically sensitive surfaces; i.e. for electronic work.

From the Manufacturer

40010 magnetize or demagnetize steel screwdriver blades, tweezers and similar tools. Box high quality plastic, shock resistant, green and cadmium free.

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January 16, 2018
This tool is a must if you work with fasteners that fall off your driver tool tip. Stick your screwdriver through one hole to magnetize it and screws will magically remain affixed to the tool. When finished, you can run your driver tool through the other hole to demagnetize it. I carried one of these in my tool bag for years. Wiha makes good stuff. Worth every penny to have on hand when you are underneath machinery with a pocket flashlight in your mouth trying to install fasteners on repairs. How many hands do you have? Grow like 10 extra in 2 seconds with this tool. Does not work with nylon fasteners. For that, you need a nylon magnet.
April 23, 2018
When I was a young, I remember my dad showing me how to use a strong magnet to magnetize non-magnetized screwdrivers. It took a fair amount of time, and the end result was a screwdriver that wasn't very strongly magnitized. Thus, my hopes for this device were not super high. Nonetheless, the reviews were extremely positive, so I decided to give it a shot.

I'm so glad I did! This is a very, very cool device. It's utterly amazing how quickly the bits can be magnetized and demagnetized. Even a very quick, single pass can adequately magnetize the tip of a screwdriver. Similarly, if the screwdriver didn't spend a long amount of time in the magnetizing slot, a very quick pass will similarly demagnitize it. After researching a bit, I learned what the steps in the demagnetize slot are for. When a device is more strongly magnetized, you are supposed to start your tool on the highest step, then slowly work your way down to the bottom (I find slowly rotating it during this is also helpful). It seems to do a great job demagnetize things that were magnetized with this device. However, I do suspect that some tools that came magnetized from the factory will require a stronger electrical degaussing coil (you can buy or even make one pretty easily, if you have this need.)

As for fit and finish, this device is very high quality, as one would expect from Wiha, yet is priced surprisingly affordably.

As far as its ability to securly affix itself to metal surfaces: Some people have said the magnets are strong enough to hold the device firmly to metal surfaces, while others that say they are not not. I must report that the one I received is in the "not" camp. It was unable to hold itself securely when I tried it on a toolbox and on the refrigerator; it just slid right down. Not really a huge deal to me, but it is worth noting.
Shikhir Arora
September 30, 2016
For the $7 or so that this costs, it's a must have. There's plenty of reviews so I'll just say the following about the few that complain like crazy about the demagnetizer -- someone mentioned this in a review, but most reviews don't -- the demagnetizer won't remove strong permanant magnetic fields. That means any nice tools with a strong permanent magnet will not be affected. This device works on paramagnetism. And it is not a large device either. So it works better on small tools, and those tools generally have to be either really weakly magnetic (like a really bad magnet) or just not magnetic by their design. If the tool is small enough and fits those criteria, then this device will work. Paramagnetism works by inducing a magnetic field around "non-natural" materials that become temporarily magnetic when the strong force of a set of magnets creates a universally distributed/directional field. If you just leave it be, depending on how weak the tool is, it will demagnetize on it's own -- again, no magic here, just science :)

As far as the demagnetizer, well I suspect many people are trying to use it to demagnetize all their tools, including ones with good, permanent ferromagnetic properties. In that case, you won't do much with this thing - it is not meant to disrupt or 'compete' with a permanant magnet.

The demagnetization is harder than the magnetization by design; it is usualy harder to remove a magnetic field especially if you do it right after inducing one with a device this small. However, it does the trick if the tool was completely "non-magnetic" before magnetizing. But for $7, who can complain? This is a really good device to have and it works better on small tools. It does the trick well especially on ESD-safe tools (smaller ones) that are purposely designed to be as non-magnetic as possible with the materials (and without external forces like this magnetizer!) -- and for ESD-safe devices I have had consistent success magnetizing and demagnetizing as needed.
August 12, 2018
This gadget really works. In about a half hour, I demagnetized 15 small screwdrivers that tended to pull screws out of place more often than they held them to get them started. With this tool, I can always re-magnetize them if I want. I'll work on tweezers next. One tip I found that may help you get them demagnetized more quickly: buy a cheap compass and use it to see the polarity of the residual magnetism. The magnetizing side tended to make the outer end of the screwdriver attract the N side of the compass, while the demagnetizing side attracted the S pole of the compass when I went too far. You can judge very easily what needs to be done. You can also see when you are getting closer by just bringing the screwdriver tip close to the demagnetizer, rather than all the way in. Worke great!
Chris K.
October 25, 2016
Best magnetizer ever. Very easy and does the job. Perfect size to work with a wide range of tools. Plus the magnet will hold itself to metal so it sits in the lid of my tool box for ease of use. Can't beat the price. Had a basic Craftsman before (see photo comparison below) and this was mountains of an upgrade.